Every one at Sajjad Textile Mills, directors or staff member, is the torch bearer of the following code of ethics developed for the sake of protecting the organization’s integrity and repute:
1. Conflict of interest
The management and employees are expected not to engage in any activity which may cause any conflict between their personal interests and those of the company, such as:

Each transaction should be in the interest of the organization and not in the favor of any director or staff member.
Staff members are not supposed to carry out personal business in company’s premises or use the company’s facilities for any such purpose.
If a staff member has a direct or indirect relation with an outside organization dealing with Sajjad Textile Mills, he/she must bring the same to the notice of the management.
2. Confidentiality
All staff members are required not to disclose any secrets, business secrets, or other crucial information of the company to any outsider even after leaving the service of the company unless it is required by a court of law.
3. Kickbacks
All staff members are strictly forbidden to accept any favor, gifts or kick backs from any organization dealing with the company. In case a favor is considered, in the interest of the company, the same should be disclosed clearly to the management.
4. Proper book keeping
All funds, receipts and disbursements should be properly recorded in the books of accounts. No false or fictitious entries or misleading statements, that might harm the operations of the company, should be made. All agreements with agents, dealers and consultants should be made in writing, supported with required evidence.
5. Relationship with government officials, suppliers, agents etc.
The dealings of the company with government officials, suppliers, buyers, agents or consultants should always be made in such a way that the integrity and reputation of the company are not questioned. The management of the company is always ready to guide the staff members about such matters.
6. Health and safety
Every staff member is required to take care not only of his/her health and safety but also of those working with him/her. The management is responsible for keeping its staff members insured as per government rules and regulations.
7. Environment
To preserve and protect the environment, the management as well all staff members are responsible to utilize the company’s facilities and go through practices with a healthy environment vision. This healthy vision is both for their benefit and for adjoining communities.
8. Gambling, alcohol, drugs
All types of gambling at the work place are strictly forbidden. Indulging in the use of prohibited drugs, alcohol, and other forms of illegal substances is not allowed. Any staff member, not abiding by these regulations, will attract disciplinary or penal action under the law.