Our ISO certified facility started off with an initial capacity of 17280 spindles. It currently has a capacity of 22,128 spindles producing the finest quality cotton yarn. Our products include 100% cotton yarn ranging from Ne 10/1-Ne 40/1 and Ne 10/2-Ne 40/2.

With an annual production volume of 14 million pounds of cotton yarn, we have proved ourselves to be cotton yarn specialists. Our products include single/double, carded/combed, waxed/unwaxed, and knitting twist/weaving twist yarn. We use only the best quality of local and imported cotton for our product range.

Around 60% of our yarn production is exported to international markets which include USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. Our famous ‘Leopard’ brand has achieved worldwide recognition.
The company employs one worker per bale for manual opening, and then makes the cotton pass through Loptex (contamination sorter).The purpose of this practice is to minimize contamination and foreign fiber levels in the yarn. In order to maintain our high production standards, we regularly update our production facility with the latest available technology.

In keeping with this the company is now equipped with Auto Leveling Cards (TRUTZSCHLER TC-03) and Auto Leveling Drawing Frames (Rieter RSB-D-35) which help ensure that the yarn is produced with minimum count variations. In addition, we have Schlafhorst 338 RM Auto Cones in our winding department.

As a result of our strict quality control practices, our products enjoy huge popularity in local, as well as international markets.

Blow Room: Trutzschler
Contamination Sorter: Loptex
Cards: Trutzschler TC-03
Breaker Drawing: Toyota DX-8
Finisher Drawing: Rieter RSB-D 30 & Rieter RSB-D 35
Simplex: Toyota FL 16 & Toyota FL 100
Ring Frames: Toyota & EJM 168
Autocone / Winding: Schlafhorst 338-RM