Sajjad Textile Mills Limited, a rapidly growing public Limited organization with ISO 9001-2000 certification, is a reputed spinning company. Born on 12 June 1988 under the Companies Ordinance of 1984, the organization is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange and engaged in producing high quality combed and carded yarn.The registered office of the company is situated at 19-B, off Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg V Lahore.


The company has its operating facilities at 64-Km Multan Road, Jumber Kalan, Tehsil Chunian, District Kasur. The company has successfully reached the capacity of 22,128 spindles from the initial number of 17280 spindles producing yarn counts ranging from Ne 10/1-Ne 40/1 and Ne 10/2-Ne 40/2 high end combed and carded yarn.
We believe in manufacturing the best quality products by using the newest methods of TQM and modern machinery. You will find a well trained work force to manage the entire range of yarn assuring highly maintained quality, timely shipped consignments and promptly entertained inquiries.

Your trust and faith in Sajjad has enabled it to enjoy a repute of value, commitment, and excellence both nationally and internationally. By the Grace of Almighty, your relationship with us as a customer or as a supplier is considered as that of an investor; therefore, we are committed to cherish and strengthen such affiliation.

Status of Company: PIC – Listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited

Company NTN: 0657816-7

(Dated: 28-Oct-1995 issued by FBR)

Company Registration #: L-00921/19880602 – CUIN: 0018063

(Dated: 12-Jun-1988 issued by SECP)

Main Office: 19-B, Off. Zafar Ali Road,Gulberg-V, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 -42- 5775501 – 03
Fax: +92 -42- 5711526

Associated Company: N/A